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 Out and about in 2014

During the 2014 season we  attended various events though out Telford:,

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Hydro energy project  

A survey has been carried out  of the various water courses and tributaries terminating in the river Severn. In the Telford area two or possibly three sites where found to be suitable for a micro hydro installation. We are proposing to develop at least one of these sites by installing a hydro power plant ‘(s).

The sites for the scheme are in the Coalbrookdale area, using the same water course used for the furnaces and forges during the industrial revolution. Various stakeholders will be involved with this project as it moves though the feasibility stage and hopefully onto the actual installation that will provide power for the local community.

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Transition Town Telford

Part of the Transition Network.

Helping create a more sustainable future in the wake of future price rises, and shortages of fossil fuels.

Locally we can do many things to reduce our carbon footprint.

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We currently run a garden share scheme. Where garden owners with unmanageable gardens, can allow part of it to be handed over to a keen gardener. So both may benefit from the proceeds. It may be the owner is no longer fit enough, or to busy to make us of their space and the budding gardener has a small or no garden and cannot find an allotment in their area.

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Garden share scheme

Transition Town Telford meet on the first Monday of every month, at the Small Woods Centre, Coalbrookdale, starting 6.45pm.

You are welcome to join us at any time or if you have a query contact us by email or telephone 01952 223266

Newport 21

Sustainable Bridgnorth

Growing Local Event. April 2015

An exciting free event is to take place in Coalbrookdale on Sunday 19th April  demonstrating various skills and related information.

Various events to include, Gardening talks and demonstrations, Greenwood crafts,and children’s activities.

There will also be beanpoles for sale.

The event takes place at the Green Wood Centre and will be part of Bean Pole Day.

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Also taking place on 25th April is the Big Green Shropshire Gathering


Big Green Gathering Grow Local